Rocks Speech & Debate Team

2015-2016 Competition Calendar
Parent Judging Meeting: VERY IMPORTANT!!!!
 Thursday 9/20
WHS Cafeteria
One parent per student competitor needs to attend this very important meeting.  Every Speech & Debate competitor must have a 'judge' willing to attend competitions as needed.  This evening meeting will provide detailed information on parent responsibilities and judging instructions.  It is also a 'meet the coaches' evening.  Student competitors are welcome to attend, however their presence is not required.  
Practice Calendar for Students
Every interp/speech competitor MUST perform their piece in its entirety to a coach before they will be allowed to compete.
Extempers must show their files to a coach.
Broadcast must read their commercial, news clip, and any other required prepared piece.
Impromptu must perform.
Debaters must perform their constructive arguments for both the negate and affirm side. 
Congress must have a 3 minute speech prepared (either for or against) for each piece of legislation.
 Additional Practices can be scheduled as needed before school (7:30) or after school until 4:00

Also, students can sign up for any plustime and work independently. If the teacher is not working with students, we can work with you on your pieces. In Plustime, look for:
    Social Studies Help Session - Robinson
    English Help Session - Reineking

Please notify Mr. Robinson or Mrs. Reineking ahead of time so we can make sure we are available
10/24     Debate/Congress                  West Lafayette HS

10/31     Speech                                  Noblesville HS

11/14     Speech/Debate/Congress     Southporte HS

11/21     Speech/Congress                  Columbia East HS
              Debate                                   Kokomo HS

12/5       Speech/Debate/Congress     Ben Davis HS

12/12     Speech                                  Ball State University

1/9         Speech/Congress                  Fishers HS

1/16       Speech                                  Lafayette Jefferson HS

1/22-23  NSDA District Debate           West Lafayette HS

1/29-30  IHSFA State Debate             Ben Davis HS

2/27       IHSFA Speech Sectionals  Westfield HS (we host!!!)

3/5        NSDA District Speech           Ben Davis HS

3/12      IHSFA Speech State Finals   Fishers HS
Competition Calendar: 2017-2018
10/8    Saturday         NOVICE SPEECH & DEBATE          Ben Davis HS

10/15  Saturday         NOVICE SPEECH                             Hamilton SE HS

11/5    Saturday         SPEECH & Congress                        Fishers HS

11/12  Saturday         SPEECH & DEBATE & Congress     Southporte HS

12/3    Saturday         DEBATE                                            Ben Davis HS

1/7      Saturday         SPEECH & Congress                       Ben Davis HS

1/27    Friday             IHSFA State DEBATE                       Kokomo HS
1/28    Saturday         IHSFA State DEBATE                       Kokomo HS

2/25    Saturday        IHSFA Sectional SPEECH                Westfield HS

3/4      Saturday        HC/HH District SPEECH (NSDA)     Hamilton SE HS

3/11    Saturday        IHSFA State SPEECH                       TBA

10/14  Saturday         DEBATE                                            West Lafayette HS

11/4    Saturday         SPEECH & DEBATE & Congress     Fishers HS

11/11  Saturday         SPEECH & DEBATE & Congress     Southporte HS

12/9    Saturday         SPEECH & DEBATE                        WHS & WMS HS - WE HOST!!!
1/6      Saturday         SPEECH & DEBATE & Congress    Fishers HS

1/13    Saturday        SPEECH & DEBATE & Congress    HSE High School

1/20    Saturday         SPEECH                                          Ball State University

2/10    Saturday         SPEECH                                          Logansporte HS

2/24    Saturday         IHSFA Sectionals SPEECH             WHS (We Host)  
                                  Follow the link to sign up for donations & parent volunteer: here

3/3      Saturday        HC/HH District SPEECH (NSDA)     Shelbyville

3/10    Saturday        IHSFA State SPEECH                       Fishers

2016-2017 Competition Calendar
Team meeting: 1st Thursday of each month from 2:55-3:20 in room 1233
MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP!!! "Speech & Debate" Reineking
Competition Calendar: 2018-2019
10/13   Saturday         Novice DEBATE                                Ben davis HS

10/27    Saturday       SPEECH & DEBATE & Congress     Fishers HS

11/10    Saturday        SPEECH                                           Southport HS

11/17   Saturday         DEBATE                                            Ben Davis HS

12/1     Saturday       SPEECH & DEBATE                         Noblesville HS 
1/5       Saturday        SPEECH & DEBATE & Congress     Fishers HS

1/12     Saturday        SPEECH & Congress                       Noblesville HS

1/19-20    Fri - Sat      District DEBATE                               Kokomo HS

1/26-27    Fri - Sat      State DEBATE                                 Southport HS

2/16    Saturday         SPEECH & District Congress          Columbus East HS

2/23    Saturday         IHSFA Sectionals SPEECH             WHS (We Host)  
                                  Follow the link to sign up for donations & parent volunteer: here

3/2      Saturday         HC/HH District SPEECH (NSDA)    HSE HS

3/9     Saturday          IHSFA State SPEECH                     Fishers

3/23   Saturday          Big Question Debate                       Westfield High School
                                  (Topic: Are Humans Primarily Driven by Self-Interest?)

Official practice: 1st Thursday of each month from 3:20-4:00 in room 1233

Official practice: 3rd Thursday of each month from 2:55-4:00 in room 1452
MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP in plustime since this practice includes 2:55-3:20 Plustime!!! "Speech & Debate" Robinson
Official practice: Every Wednesday from 2:55-3:20 in room 1233

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See Excel Doc for Calendar View of practices, meetings, competitions, etc.

  August-December 2018
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